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Buy Responsibly – Vote with your dollars. May 14, 2012

Filed under: Conscious Ideas,Making a Better World — herkimerlove @ 6:12 pm

Whenever you buy something you are voting with your money. Every transaction is an action. By making more environmentally and socially conscious purchases you can create a higher demand for better products, lessen your impact on the environment, and support better working conditions for people around the world.

Next time you’re buying something ask yourself questions like:

  – Do I support the policies and practices of this company? Does it have a good reputation?  – What are labor conditions for the workers?

  – Were any recycled or sustainable materials used in making this product?

  – Can I recycle or reuse this product myself? Will it last a long time?

  – Is there an alternative source that reflects my values better?

  – Where was this made? How far did this travel to make it here?

Many resources are available below to educate yourself on the benefits of buying local, organic, and fair made products as much as possible.


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