Bringing harmony to a changing world with Truth and LOVE. :-)

Mission and purpose… April 28, 2012

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This blog has been started in order to accomplish a few things:

  • Spread truth, wisdom, and information.
  • Bring about Oneness, eliminate (even if slightly) feelings of “aloneness”, and show the inter-connectedness that is ever present.
  • Bring harmony and understanding, to a changing world, that may at times seem chaotic and confusing.
  • Make a positive impact on lives of individuals who read this, even if small, or at times not noticed or realized in that moment.
  • Raise conscious awareness on certain items.
  • Offer an opinion that may not have ever been heard by some.
  • Offer an opinion that may resonate highly with some.

Dialogue is desired and encouraged.  It is asked that all comments be additive and constructive.  Ego/Shadow of all sorts will be either “transmuted” through further discussion, or completely deleted.

Change is inevitable, so let’s all strive to live in a space of unconditional love so that the change is positive and for the greatest good.


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